Monthly Specials

Monthly Specials

January               Sweaters $1.00 off reg price.

February              Plain Winter Coats $2.00 off reg. price

March                  Bedspreads & Comfortors 20% off reg. price

April                     Sweaters $4.03

May                     Shorts $4.03

                          Leather and suede 20% off reg. price

June                    Drapes and Table linnen 25% off reg price

July                     2 pc Suits and 1 piece Dresses $8.08

August                 Back to school, 20% off three or more of same item

September            Wedding Dresses20% off reg price

October                Drapes 25% off reg price

November              Table Linnen 20% off reg price

December              Blouses and Shirts(Dry Cleaned) $1.00 off reg price